Toto Tribe Photo Book Project

This is a unique photo documentation on the entire life cycle of ‘Totos’; a less known tribe of India.

The first draft of the book is complete and is sent to some of the tribe members for fact verification.

I am actively seeking funders, sponsors, publishers to publish the first photo book on the tribe.

Till date there have been 9 solo-exhibits to spread awareness about Toto tribe, of which two have been in Oslo, Norway.

To understand the personal Photo Book Project in depth—

Red Cross Assignment- 2010

This one-year-long assignment with the Red Cross gave me a distinct experience to work in conflict-rebel zones. It also developed my specific skillsets concerning work in sensitive areas…

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Intimate Body Contours

🔞 NSFW. A set of arty images and triptychs that reflect different contours of a woman’s body. Have an artistic bent of mind & soul?

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