Toto Tribe Photo Book Project

This is a unique photo documentation on the entire life cycle and changes in ‘Totos’; a less known,  indigenous and an endangered tribe of India.

This project is in the final stages of being published as an extensive photobook.

Click THIS LINK to help me crowdfund so that I can self publish the First Edition. (150 copies)

Till date there have been 9 solo-exhibits to spread awareness about the Totos, of which two have been in Oslo, Norway.

There have also been 2 group online exhibits about this photo book project in Oslo.

A proposed group exhibition, book launch & artist photo talk has been planned in September 2022 in Bergen city, Norway.

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Red Cross Assignment- 2010

This one-year-long assignment with the Red Cross gave me a distinct experience to work in conflict-rebel zones. It also developed my specific skillsets concerning work in sensitive areas…

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‘Human Interest’ and other stories that caught my attention; photo documented over a period of time.

Intimate Body Contours

🔞 NSFW. A set of arty images and triptychs that reflect different contours of a woman’s body. Have an artistic bent of mind & soul?

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