Queer Hugs

On account of the 2nd anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling against Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sec. 377 which prohibits unnatural sex and marriages between same sex; Queer Kala, a Mumbai based organisation had organised ‘Queer Hugs’ to generate awareness about the issue of sexual minorities. The activists, through hugs wanted to send out a strong message that even if they were lesbians/ gays they were as humans as the straight ones and there is no harm in hugging them.

Sumit Pawar, an activist with Queer Kala asked the question, ‘If the society is accepting us by hugging us, why are these rules imposed upon us’? The activists discussed the issues faced by the LGBT community with the people they interacted with. They dispelled some of the myths regarding sexual minorities and tried to generate a feeling of belongingness, inclusion and the dire need to be accepted with their sexual orientation in the society through these hugs.

Queer Hugs was first of the kind event that happened in Mumbai. Queer Kala is an art forum which gives platform to the artists of the LGBT community.

Update- On September 6th 2018, India, via a Supreme Court verdict de-criminalised Sec. 377 of Indian Penal Code thus legalising all forms of relationships and marriages.

— As told to Abhijit Alka Anil. 2015

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