Red Cross Assignment- 2010

In 2010 the rebel stronghold was intense and we were not allowed to use high end DSLRs. We were forced to photograph and take videos only from our cell phones and point and shoot cameras available during that time. That is the reason why one might not find a DSLR quality in the images. Scroll below for videos and more about the project.

My primary responsibility as Communications & Development Coordinator for Indian Red Cross Society was to provide basic health and livelihood services to the villagers and indigenous of the conflict-ridden Gadchiroli district. Apart from this, I oversaw all the communications & dissemination of information to the stakeholders related to the Red Cross and its activities on the field.  CLICK HERE to know more about the project.

I along with my Team members that included a doctor and a team of Red Cross volunteers provided basic health care and referral services to the indigenous and empowered their livelihood by distributing them vegetable seeds. We also conducted health camps in the region with the help of local support.  

This one-year-long assignment with the Red Cross gave me a distinct experience to work in conflict-rebel zones. It also developed my specific skillsets concerning work in sensitive areas and communication strategies in the hinterlands of the Indian subcontinent. As of today, the project has been discontinued.

Above are some snippets and following are some videos that I and others have shot during the tenure.

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