Teaching & Tutorials

Teaching Basic Mobile Photography to teenage asylum seekers in Oslo. Photo Courtesy: Caritas, Norge

Teaching & Tutorials

Learning through pictures. Photo Courtesy: Caritas, Norge. Identity of the participants are blurred to protect them.

Teaching & Tutorials

Participants practicing on the field.

Teaching & Tutorials

Participants practicing on the field. Identity of the participants are blurred to protect them.

Teaching & Tutorials

Participants practicing on the field. Identity of the participants has been blurred to protect them.

Teaching & Tutorials

Students practising photography on their DSLRs after learning about use of DSLR and it’s basic techniques. S.V.T. College of Home Science.

Teaching & Tutorials

Students on the field for practising street photography. S.V.T. College of Home Science.

Teaching & Tutorials

During composition lecture. S.V.T. College of Home Science.
Picture Credits- Prajakta B.

Teaching & Tutorials

Students are been taken to an exhibition to understand how world famous photographers take images. Mumbai.

Teaching & Tutorials

Students understanding the difficulties in shooting in hard light. On field assignment. Mumbai.

Teaching & Tutorials

Students visit to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum) during field visit for assignments.

Teaching & Tutorials

Understanding & relating to different techniques of composition. S.V.T. College of Home Science.

Teaching & Tutorials

Group work. S.V.T. College of Home Science.

‘The very purpose of life is giving & teaching allows one to do that to the fullest. Teaching is not just teaching, it is sharing of knowledge. Sharing knowledge is a two-way process; so is life.’

Abhijit started teaching Photojournalism and Digital Photography subjects in 2017 to the Final and First-Year Graduation students of S.V.T. College of Home Science at S.N.D.T. Women’s University in Mumbai. He has taught to about 150 students across 3 semesters. His role was to teach the students nuances of photojournalism, have their continuous evaluation by giving them various on field assignments, give them different topics of presentations on the history and contemporary topics of photojournalism; set and correct their final semester’s papers.

For the First-year students of Digital Photography, he taught the students the very basic techniques and their usage in Digital Photography like Aperture, Shutter, ISO, White Balance, Use of Flash etc., the basics and the functioning of DSLR Camera and how to take good images with the mobile camera. He taught them different composition techniques and evaluated their work by giving them assignments.

Abhijit also took a certified short weekend (personally designed) course called ‘Basic & Intermediate Photography Tuts’. He taught the basic functioning of DSLR camera, the techniques and usage of Aperture, Shutter & ISO, White Balance, Use of Flash, Creatively Use Flash etc., various composition and natural lighting techniques. For practicals, he took his students to various iconic places and exhibitions in Mumbai for field experience in photography. He also gave them an objective test paper to brush up on their theory in photography & reviewed their work on the last day of the weekend course.

He shifted his base from Mumbai to Oslo and continues teaching. He volunteered to teach Basic Mobile Photography to the asylum seekers in Oslo while volunteering with an international humanitarian organisation Caritas, Norge.


Abhijit Sir is one of the best teacher I have ever met. He teaches with all his soul. Under his guidance we have gained a lot more knowledge than any other teacher could teach. Sir as a person is also the best, more like a friend than a faculty. It's been a privilege to learn photography under Sir. Nobody can make photography as interesting as Sir did. The best teacher I came across in my college life.

Rashmi Pawar

S.V.T College of Home Science

Abhijit Sir has taught us photography last year (2017-18). Under his guidance we learnt a lot of skills. He was more like a friend to us than a professor. It has been a privilege to learn photography under his guidance. I thank Sir for being so nice to us always.

Prajakta Sail

S.V.T College of Home Science

I have been taught by Mr. Abhijit and it was an amazing experience. He taught us so well that our understanding for the subject of photography was more clear now. It was wonderful learning from him. He is a wonderful teacher who looks out for student's well being as well. Be it the practical part or the theoretical part, he covered it all very well.

Muskan Chawla

Sir Vithaldas Thackersey College of Home Science

In my first year in SNDT Women's University, Sir Abhijit was an excellent Professor to me and our class. He knows his subject very well which was evident in his use of technical terms related to photography. While this was intimidating at first, he was patient with all of us, of course, helping us through simpler means. Sir Abhijit's teachings also extended beyond the walls of the classroom, for example if he saw his students sitting around, he would come around to show us how we could capture various elements in and around our surroundings, always providing us with a new perspective. The best part about him was his humility. This Professor didn't mind learning through the course of teaching. If a student had something to offer he would welcome it and would more than willingly learn from it himself. I had an amazing experience from learning the curriculum through his methods of teaching. Everything I know about photography has more than surely come through him.

Herschelle D'Souza

F.Y.B.Sc 2017-2018

You are a wonderful teacher.You are everything one could look for in a good mentor.You have groomed us so well. I had no knowledge about photography. But now my entire perception of
clicking pictures has changed. This was only possible because of you. Apart from your theory classes your outdoor practical sessions have helped me alot in developing my photography skills.You taught us that there is a story in every picture which makes that picture unique. It was a wonderful experience to learn the basics of photography under your guidance.

Eesha Jawle

SVT College Of Home Science

It was great studying photography under the guidance of Abhijit Sir. Not only have my
photography skills improved, but the basic understanding about it, and having a story and some sense when it comes to pictures has also increased. It is said that photography is all about capturing the very moment as if it's your last, and I have understood the basic meaning that the statement holds. Yes, I have faced a lot of rejection when it came to getting my pictures selected, but I guess it turned out to be helpful because now I know what I'm about to click. This knowledge & experience is going to stay with me for the rest of my life and I am very thankful and I feel privileged being his student.

Aashlesha Shankar

SVT College of Home Science, SNDT University

Professor Abhijit Alka Anil, taught me photojournalism in the last semester of my Mass Communication degree course. The course was very well designed by him. He had jotted down the important parts and would go from one aspect to the other smoothly with clear explanation.
He was a discipliner and taught us how to rough it out on the streets because that is what it takes to be a photojournalist. I started seeing photographs from a different perspective and it opened up my mind, forcing me outside my comfort zone. He was encouraging and yet critical about our work which made us strive to do better. He created a weekly photo competition for us students, which made us go out and click a meaningful picture every week, thus building our confidence. His dedication and handwork made us want to work harder. He showed us some of the great works of photojournalists which broadened our horizon.

Overall, I feel that this course really made me shine as a photographer and it would not be possible without the push and motivation of our teacher.

Divya Kalati

SVT College of Home Science

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