Toto Tribe Photo Book Project

This is a unique photo documentation on the entire life cycle and changes in ‘Totos’; a less known & indigenous tribe of India.

This project is in the final stages of being published as an extensive photobook.

Click THIS LINK to help me crowdfund so that I can self publish the First Edition. (150 copies)

Till date there have been 9 solo-exhibits to spread awareness about Toto tribe, of which two have been in Oslo, Norway.

A proposed group exhibition, book launch & artist photo talk has been planned on the 18th April 2021 at Oslo Open.


Snippets from the Toto Tribe Project (2014- 2018)


In the Media

A new photo book in the works – ‘Shedding Light – Totos Of Totoapra’ – has given the first ever glimpse of a tiny Indian…

Posted by Voice of America – VOA on Saturday, October 29, 2016

Toto Tribe Project

Totos; a tribe that resides only in a tiny hamlet called Totopara at the foothills of Himalayas bordering West Bengal State in India and Bhutan. Totos; today are estimated to be only 1,608. Totos; whose language is Toto; is one of the endangered languages in the world. Totos; although a tribe; are evidently stretched in between the push and pull factors of globalisation and are embracing it; some gracefully and some out of force of the inevitable. Totos; struggling hard to balance their culture and traditions against the force of modernisation to be at par with their counterparts in different cities of Indian subcontinent. Totos, the very less known tribe; needs attention who are at the brink of a take-over by globalisation and modernisation.

This is the reason why I chose the project in 2014 and started photo documenting the tribe’s life cycle in every way possible to save it through the powerful medium of photographs. Many senior and young Totos have gone on record to say that Totos as a tribe aren’t even known to others in their own state of West Bengal; forget the country India. This prompted me harder to photo document them; their culture and traditions; lest it is buried under globalisation and modernisation. Evident forces as they are; visible to the keen eye once anyone reaches Totopara. Every time that I visited Totopara, I not only saw subtle but also direct changes, thanks to modernisation. Reasons like these made me photo document the tribe and present my work in front of the larger community so that not only Indians but also the world takes note of the tribe. To this effect, I have already solo exhibited this project twice in Mumbai city and have done 7 photo talks, including at ‘Litteraturhuset’ & ‘Oslo International Hub’ in Oslo.

The photo book and further exhibitions across the globe will ensure light on Toto tribe. This photo book will stay in the coming years as a very important visual-socio-anthropological document not only for the Toto tribe but also for all of us and for future generations to come. I hope through these extended visual communication methods and the photo book, the tribe gets help in some of the most basic needs that they are struggling like bridges to reach the village, a fully functional and equipped health centre that can cater to serious and advance cases; a fully equipped ambulance; an official recognition to the Toto script that the Totos are developing with Toby Anderson, the linguist; good internal roads for daily commute; better teaching facilities in the only two government schools and electricity in all households.

The irony is; they and their younger generations have smartphones, they are active on social media giants like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube sans these basic facilities. This, as per my knowledge will be the first extensive photo book to be published on the tribe.



This project is in the final stages of being published as an extensive photobook.

Click THIS LINK to help me crowdfund so that I can self publish the First Edition. (150 copies)


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Exhibitions & Photo Talks

As mentioned, I have already done 2 solo exhibitions & 7 photo talks; including at ‘Litteraturhuset’ & ‘Oslo International Hub’ in Oslo. You can invite me to keep exhibits and photo talks in your galleries, in colleges and universities, in photographic and art societies and within a group of like-minded people.

For more details, please contact via this and I shall be happy to respond.

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