The Shy Traveller’s Travelogues

Hey! This is me. You can call me Priyanka/ Priya.

It’s been quite a while that I wanted to start a travel page of my own. I love to travel, see, observe, explore, immerse, connect with local vibes and most importantly always give something back wherever I go.

Why this name as such? Because I am a bit of an introvert! You might be surprised at this irony, but isn’t life all about ironies and dialectics and multilectics? That’s the best part of life- be you; whatever you are.

Here you will find musings of my travel, stories that touched my heart, beautiful people along with beautiful places, mouth-watering dishes & much more…

I am taking one bit at a time, a shy person that I am. Saying that I do not want to travel to show off or just to tick mark any list. No. But to learn, to grow and most importantly to share my learnings with you.

Hope you like and love these travel musings & help spread the love, peace and affection that we all need.
Starting off- Priyanka. (All images are shot on iPhone8)

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Drøbak is a small town to the south of Oslo with a 45-minute drive by car/ public transport or 1-1.30 hours of a ferry ride from Oslo’s Aker Brygge.


Larvik is a small town to the south of Oslo near the famous Sandefjords with a 2-hour drive by car/ public transport or 1.50-hour train journey from Oslo Central.

More To Follow Soon…

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